Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Every year each student is given a copy of his/her credit profile, which is a record of all the courses taken and the grades earned.  Along with a parent/guardian, students should study the profile closely to be sure there are no errors and make plans so that any deficiencies can be made up.  If a student does community service or participates in an extra program, she/he should ask the counselor to petition to get credit for the experience.

Each student must obtain 23.5 credits:

  • 4 English
  • 4 math
  • 4 science
  • 3 social studies
  • 2 world language
  • 1.5 health and physical education
  • 2 arts and humanities
  • 3 electives

Students must successfully complete a multidisciplinary project and one involving service learning.  (These may be combined into a single project.)  The purpose of the project is to assure that students are able to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding.

Students shall also demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics on state assessments administered in 9th and 11th grades and/or comparable local assessments in every grade.  Students who pass the state assessments will receive a Seal of Proficiency on their diplomas.  Students who do not pass the proficiency assessment test will receive a diploma, but they will not receive a Seal of Proficiency attached to their diploma.

Parents and students should use the following as a guide to making sure that they are on target for promotion to the next grade:

  • Grade 9   – students should earn a minimum of 5 credits.
  • Grade 10 – students should earn a minimum of 6 credits.
  • Grade 11 – students should earn a minimum of 6.5 credits.
  • Grade 12 – students should earn a minimum of 6 credits.